Monday, January 3, 2011

Missing Out???

An exerpt from

Can We at Least Have a Truce?

Mon 20-Dec-2010 10:07

Just recently was the 30th anniversary of the death of John Lennon, who once famously sang, “Give Peace a Chance.” Well, all we are saying to Top Rank and Golden Boy is can you at least give truce a chance (and make some dang fights)? Because here is but a sampling of what we are missing out on...

- Victor Ortiz (GBP) vs. Brandon Rios (Top Rank): These two haven’t really liked each other since their days in Garden City, Kansas, and they like each other a lot less since they have migrated to Oxnard, California. Not only is there a great storyline here involving Ortiz, who was once trained by Robert Garcia (Rios’ trainer) and how Ortiz bolted Top Rank for Golden Boy, it’s also a fight that looks to be an exciting one on the canvas. Rios might be the smaller guy but he brings heat and we know that Ortiz hasn’t always held up well to guys who are so persistent.
 - Juan Manuel Marquez (GBP) vs. Humberto Soto (Top Rank): Let’s face it; Marquez isn’t getting the third go-round with Pacquiao, so why not make a fight with perhaps his biggest threat at lightweight? Soto is craftier than he is given credit for and Marquez, in his advanced years, has never shied away from a real tussle.
- Michael Katsidis (GBP) vs. Urbano Antillon (Top Rank): Hey, if the winners can meet (in the last fight I just referenced), why shouldn’t the two guys who just lost to them? C’mon, try and tell me this wouldn’t be a fun fight.
- Saul Alvarez (GBP) vs. Julio Cesar Chavez (Top Rank): OK, two huge draws in Mexico; one is the son of a legend, the other, perhaps the most popular young fighter in that country. How could this fight not take place at an Azteca Stadium in front of more than 100,000 fans?
- Daniel Ponce de Leon (GBP) vs. Yuriorkis Gamboa (Top Rank): You have the skill and speed of the Cuban against the brute strength and heavy hands of Ponce de Leon. Yeah, for large segments of this bout, Ponce de Leon would be out-classed but he would always be a threat to turn it around with just one shot.
- Saul Alvarez (GBP) vs. Miguel Cotto (Top Rank): Hey, who says I can only go with a fighter one time here on my list? Alvarez-Cotto at 154 is a big fight and, more importantly, a good clash of styles would be another chapter in the Puerto Rico-Mexico rivalry.
- Abner Mares (GBP) vs. Fernando Montiel/Nonito Donaire (Top Rank): Yeah, I’m projecting here a little bit because Mares still has to defeat Joseph Agbeko in 2011 (no easy task) and Montiel and Donaire face each other on February 26th at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. But if Mares gets past Agbeko in the finals of the Showtime bantamweight tourney and he faces the winner of Montiel-Donaire, it would be among the bigger bantamweight contests in recent memory.

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